Copy Editing

Copy Editing

Incorrect diction and linguistic errors may damage the impression of a writer, resulting in disinterest on the part of the reader. Therefore, every literary composition requires editing. For a document to be acceptable for publication, it must follow an organized error free layout. The team at Eureka ensures that your manuscript fulfills all the basic international publishing standards at an affordable price, with reliable turnaround times and dependable services.

Type of Scripts Handled:

All document types are acceptable.


Reviewing and Correction of Grammar.

Content Editing

Copyediting plus a detailed review of structure and content. Manuscripts are verified for punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, subject and verb agreement, proper word use, clarity of point of view, redundancies/repetitions, inconsistencies, dialogue flow and format, without changing the author’s intent.

Our consultants can help you find your way into print publishing.

The editors provide a continuous assessment throughout the editing and writing process. If you wish to get your piece of writing analyzed and corrected to perfection, Eureka is the best option!


Turn Around Options

REGULAR (7 to 10 days) – depending on the service/ facility

URGENT (1 to 3 days) – depending on the service/ facility


Copy Editing Examples


Original: To date, then, given the controversial results of epidemiological and observational studies, so that in itself contain biases, it remains inconclusive the clinical utility of psychotropic drugs in cancer.

Edited: To date, given the controversial results of epidemiological and observational studies, which contain biases, the clinical utility of psychotropic drugs in cancer remains inconclusive.

Original: This make us able to detected it, by using Color-Doppler ultrasound focused at the entrance of the optic nerve to ocular globe. Finally, it is interesting for certain diseases such as Down syndrome or pseudoexfoliation syndrome, the study of the posterior ciliary arteries.

Edited: This makes its detection possible by using Color-Doppler ultrasound focused on the entrance of the optic nerve to ocular globe. Therefore, the study of the posterior ciliary arteries becomes interesting for certain diseases such as Downs syndrome or pseudoexfoliation syndrome.

Original: But, given of the severity of leukemia the stopping of chemotherapy is difficulty in of the risk of disease progression.

Edited: But, due to the severity of leukemia the discontinuation of chemotherapy is difficult because of the risk of disease progression.



VAGUE SENTENCE: The ultrasound in anterior segment have a great number of limitations if we use the usual 15 to 18 MHz probes, despite in patients with ocular cataract or intraocular lens [IOL] subluxation or luxation have an important place, although in iris pathologies as iris tumours, and in malignant glaucoma.

VAGUE SENTENCE: According to them, the distinct of get through in significantly increasing the thermal conductivity of fluids by accretion of very small quantities of composed metallic oxide nanoparticles (Cu, CuO, Al2O3) to the fluid.

VAGUE SENTENCE: It is noticed that with an increase in copper rate arteries going to be relax the size of the trapping bolus increases while number of the trapping bolus decreases as compared to pure water.