Publishing Date: 2008

E-ISSN: 0255-7576

Volume 26 Issue 1


Two new nematodes belonging to the genus Rhabdochona Railliet, 1916 are described here from the intestine of the fish Tor putitora (Hamilton-Buchanan) from Bolan, Balochistan, based on male specimens.Rhabdochona cephalodiverticula n. sp., are peculiar nematodes having cephalic diverticula, projecting laterally from the buccal capsule and directed backward, a pair of cephalic papillae and 6 prostomal teeth are present in the prostome, esophagus wavy in outline, muscular much smaller than the glandular portion, spicules two, dissimilar, unequal, large spicule has a triangular cutaneous portion proximally which continues into a long portion, almost in the middle, it is separated by a delicate slit from the distal region, ending into two papillae like structures at the tip. Small spicule is spatulate, bent ventrally, broader at proximal end narrow and bifid distally, 9 pairs of pre-anal papillae and 5 pairs of post-anal papillae are present. The other speciesRhabdochona bolani n. sp., has 8 prostomal teeth and a pair of cephalic papillae, muscular esophagus much smaller than the glandular esophagus, spicules two, unequal in sizes, dissimilar in morphology, large spicule curved ventrally wider anteriorly, ending into a bifurcate striated portion at the tip, enclosed in a cuticular surface, pre-anal papillae 12 pairs and post-anal 5 pairs. Small spicule almost straight with slight notch at the anterior tip and a small boat-shaped piece at posterior end. These new species differ from each other and also from all the previously described species in having combination of characters mentioned above.