Author: Nuri Erdem, Hüseyin Ince

Publishing Date: 2016

E-ISSN: 2548-0960

Volume 1 Issue 1


There is a proverb, that emphasizes the importance of sunlight for human health, which is “Where the sun does not enter the physician enters”. It is one of the most important elements to see the sunlight of the buildings for both healthy life and energy saving. The positioning may be desirable to take the advantage of the morning and evening sunlight of the buildings to be constructed in the housing area. Indeed, in 1985 constructed blocks of buildings in Eskisehir Yenikent in public housing projects, designed and applicated according to the this principle. This study was made with the purpose of the application and to be designed to see the sunlight during the day of the blocks will be the method of discrete structures in accordance with the development plan will be built the individual or collective housing project in the Eastern Mediterranean. At the beginning of this study, the azimuth angles were calculated in the sunrise and sunset in four provinces forming region, baseline, throughout the year and annual sun graphics arranged, by meteorological data help received from meteorological stations in the region. Information of sun tanning about the province of Adana was found sufficient to represent the region according to the results of the evaluation. It describes the inning information building design and application in accordance with the principles for provinces in the region at the end of the study.

Key Words: Solar Energy,Urban Design,Building application References

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