Author: A.H. WANI

Publishing Date: 2008

E-ISSN: 0255-7576

Volume 26 Issue 2


A survey was conducted on plant parasitic nematodes in the research ground of the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. Plants showing characteristic symptoms such as yellowing and stunting were uprooted and their roots examined. Roots of peepul tree (Ficus religiosa L.) and Ficus benjamina cv. Starlight showed heavy galling on roots indicative of root-knot infestation. Under stereomicroscope, mature nematode females from the infested root were dissected. Five samples of each plant species and ten nematode females from each plant sample were examined. The perineal patterns of mature females were prepared and identified as Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid & White, 1919) Chitwood, 1949 and M. javanica (Treub, 1885) Chitwood, 1949 (Eisenback et al., 1981). A mixed nematode population was found in both plants. It was observed that on roots of peepul tree there were many egg-masses but the size of galls was very small. F.benjamina has already been reported as a new record of M. incognita by Shahina & Musarrat (2006). In this study F. benjamina is also found to be a new host of M. javanica while F. religiosa is reported as a new host of M. incognta and M. javanica in Pakistan.