Author: Yasir Mehmood, Humayun Riaz, Hammad Yousaf, Syed Atif Raza, Rana Khalid Mahmood, Zia Mohy-ud-din Khan and Noviara Saleem

Publishing Date: 2016

E-ISSN: 1011-601X

Volume: 29 Issue: 5


Present investigation concern with combination of two drugs for the treatment of gout. One of these drug (naproxen sodium) is pain killer which is sustain their action within the body for 12 hours and the other drug (colchicine) is anti-gout, which release as conventional dosage. After oral administration naproxen will act as sustain release dosage and increase patient compliance about six batches of tablet were developed and evaluate .For the sustain release action polymers Methocel K4M and HPMCK15were used. These polymers were used in combination used with other inactive ingredients. Two methods were used for proration of final tablets. In 1st method only naproxen sodium granules were prepared which are sustained released. In second method these granules were mixed with colchicines powder and other all inactive ingredients. This method is easy and cost effective characterization of pallets and final tablets were performed. Final tablets were evaluated for all tests like appearance, friability, dissolution, hardness, assay, weight variation and in-vitro release study performed. The results obtained were satisfactory and complies with USP specification. Formulation containing combination of Methocel K4M and HPMC K15 showed good sustain release profile for 12 hours.

KEYWORDS: Methocel K4M and HPMC K15, naproxen, colchicine and sustain release.

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