Author: S. Feroza, A. G. Arijo, F. M. Bilqees and M. S. Phulan

Publishing Date: 2018

E-ISSN: 0255-7576

Volume: 36 Issue: 2


In this study, the effect of Ascaridiagalli infection on gross-pathological changes in broiler chicken was investigated. The postmortem examinations of broiler experimentally induced A.gallirevealed gross pathological lesions of infected organs viz., small intestine, liver, lungs and heart. Hemorrhagic enteritis and acute fibrinous enteritis with clotted blood, hemorrhagic and reddish spots on intestinal wall, inflammation and necrotic patches with consolidation of intestinal contents were generally observed. Infected liver showed dark red coloration. Severe congestion, chronic pneumonia, exuded in one lobe of the lung were seen, whereas, necrosis and atrophy in infected heart were notable observations.

Keywords: Ascaridia galli, gross-pathology, broiler chicken, Pakistan

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